His Grace Supplies Everything You Need

Good morning everyone! God loves us wonderfuly and perfectly, so much so that Ephesians chapter 2 verse 5 says (amplified) that “He (God) gave us the “very” life of Christ. Himself, the “same” new life with which He quickened Him, for it is by grace (His favor and mercy which you did not deserve…”

After reading this and knowing the same new life Jesus has we have, we could boldly say, “in Him we lack nothing”.  Any other teaching is unscriptural and just keeps us busy looking for something we already have. Let me repeat that, the very same life Jesus has, God also gave us! The devil trys to keep us looking for something we already have! He does this by constantly accusing and condemning us, and if we don’t know we are forever forgiven, then his accusations take root.

“Breaking News” we are innocent because Jesus bore ALL our sins at the cross.

The law makes us self occupied Grace makes us Christ occupied! Be occupied with Jesus and rest in His finished work today, because he has made His word known in is full consequence.

Colossians (Mirror Translation)
1:25 God entrusted me with the revelation of this mystery as a responsible administrator of His household, so that in my ministry to you I will make the word known in its full consequence.

1:26 This mystery was concealed for ages and generations but is now fully realised in our restored innocence before Him.

Praise the Lord we are forgiven, innocent, and the same life of Jesus, God has graciously given us! That’s His intense love and Grace (unearned favor) for us!

Have a great day! We hope these periodic notes have been inspiring to everyone. Evan & Sue

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