You Are Accepted No Matter What They Say

Good morning, you are accepted because of Jesus.

Have you ever received an email that disqualifies you? Very manipulative~if you agree with something like “God is good” then forward this to everyone you know, if you don’t believe “God is good” then delete it.

That is what mixture is like, mixing law and grace. If you believe, then do what I say (works), if you don’t, then delete it. Irritating isn’t it, their attempt to make you feel guilty if you don’t perform. Recently I received one that said I would receive a miracle if I forwarded it to 8 friends in 8 seconds. If I didn’t “perform” then it said no miracle, or do good get good, do bad (by deleting it) get bad. Keep in mind most of these I get are Christian emails with this subtle attempt to control your actions in them.

That is exactly how mixture works, it is designed by our adversary to try to manipulate some works or self efforts~so that, you will be accepted.
I use this email example because it really pushes my “high alert its mixture” button. When it comes to the finished work of the cross it simply comes down to believing what Jesus has done for us.

In John 6:28 & 29 Jesus was asked “what shall we DO that we may WORK the works of God”. It seems that the law is all about doing, and grace is about done! People are wanting to do something, you know, just make it happen, or don’t just sit there DO something. We should say don’t just DO something, sit there and rest in His finished work. So what was Jesus answer? He said “This is the work of God, that you BELIEVE in Him whom He sent.” WOW just believe? Yep that simple!

Remember the other day when I was talking about complicating the simple gospel? Let’s not do that because you have been given the free gift of righteousness, you are righteous, innocent, and faultless all the time because of what Jesus has done.

So next time you get the message “do this or you don’t believe” whether its from email or the pulpit, just say no thanks according to Eph 1:6 I am accepted in the beloved, because I believe!

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