Business The Grace Way #27 (Part 4)

Hello everyone! Let’s begin Part 4 of Seek First The Kingdom Of God And His Righteousness!

Up to this point we have looked at righteousness, peace and joy. Today we will look at a very important part of His kingdom.

Understanding God’s love for you, and your value to God. Matthew 6:25-34, which makes it clear that God doesn’t want us to worry about anything, also makes clear His love for us, and our value to Him.

Different translations say it a little differently, such as ‘take no thought’, ‘do not worry’ and ‘don’t be anxious’. In any event, God doesn’t want us to worry about anything at all, because you are so highly valued and greatly loved by God. He’s not just saying to don’t worry, it’ll be alright, He is saying we don’t have to worry because He loves us so much that He has prepared the good life for you, and you won’t fall short in any area of your life. He has abundantly prepared everything you would ever need, before you were even born. Worry and anxiety are really fear and doubt. Many times this comes from what religion has erroneously taught us about God. Things like God is angry because of what we have done, or God is trying to teach us something by putting us in hardship. Friends, this is not how God operates. He loves us!

Also we should note that in Mark 4:19, we’re told that worry, cares, and anxiety chokes the word making it unfruitful. God wants you fruitful, in everything you do, including your occupation and business. Because of what Jesus has done at the cross, we know that all our sin has been forever forgiven, and we have His abundance of unearned favor, so God has ‘set us up’ to succeed!

Back to Matthew 6, Jesus tells us not to worry, He points out that the birds of the air don’t sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Who feeds the birds? Our heavenly Father! Jesus is making a very vivid point here, if the birds are important to God, and He feeds and takes care of them, then because you are of MUCH higher value to God, then He will never let you down.

Your value to God is what Jesus is showing us, and God values us with such intensity, that He came down from heaven manifest in the flesh just to redeem us! We are so important to Him, that He entrusted this to no one, but He did it himself! Wow, what a loving Father.

He didn’t stop there; He placed His kingdom within us, and He gave us HIS righteousness, HIS peace, and HIS joy! After this great act of love, Jesus tells us to don’t seek after these things that the world seeks after, but seek first the kingdom of God (within you) and His righteousness (innocence, all sin debt was paid, you have right standing with God). The good news of the gospel spoken of in Romans 1:17 is the revelation of His righteousness. If you know your identity in Christ, you will never again lack. We’re told in Romans 2:4 that the goodness of God produces repentance. Repentance is actually a radical change of mind. Not groveling crying and confession of sins. Even as we read of the love and goodness of God, our minds begin to see just how loving and wonderful He is, and that is repentance, we change our minds to God’s way of thinking, and how He sees us. Now we become more righteousness conscious vs sin conscious.

In order to fully grasp His righteousness, peace, and joy, which is the kingdom of God, we need to know how valuable we are to Him. We are so amazingly valuable to Him, that we are actually priceless!

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and He will add all those things that the world seeks, to you! God wants you to reign; He has equipped you through the finished work of the cross to reign, so reign in life today!

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