Reign As A King In Life! (Global Grace News Oct-Nov 2012 Article)

GGN Oct Nov 2012

The October – November 2012 Edition Of Global Grace News was just released.  In this edition my article “Reign As A King In Life” was published, as well as an article by Steve McVey “Making Promises To God”.  To read the latest edition click the newsletter icon to the left.

Be blessed, and reign as a king in life!

It’s Priceless! Don’t Try To Fix It! Just Enjoy It!

Hebrews 10:17,18,20 & 22 Mirror Translation; 17 This is final: I have deleted the record of your sins and misdeeds. I no longer recall them. 18 Sins were dealt with in such a thorough manner that no further offerings would ever again be required. Nothing that we can personally sacrifice could add further virtue to our innocence. 20 a brand new way of life has been introduced. Because of His flesh torn on the cross. 22 We are free to approach Him with absolute confidence, fully persuaded…

What’s important, is believing what God has done for you and what He thinks of you, because of the finished work of the cross. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing from this gospel of grace. I love this quote from Francois du Tiot; “We do not need to conjure up our own faith when we can have God’s faith; we only need to know what God believes. He is both persuaded about you and head over heels in love with you!” Your feeling guilty can only be truly settled by knowing who you are in Christ. You are innocent!

In the story of the lost son in Luke 15, we see where when the son was preparing his speech to return home, the Father (God) was more interested in restoring everything his son had than setting up a confessional for him. It was the son’s idea to put together a good speech to convince his Father because he felt guilty, and he was hungry. He wanted to get back into the “good graces” with his Father, by his own effort. The Father loved him so much, he was looking for his lost son daily desiring for him to return home. He fully restored his son back to his position of authority in the family. There was no condemnation, nor mention of guilt by the Father.

What an awesome God we call our daddy! Through Christ, we have been acquitted and declared innocent. We are now seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus (placed in our position of authority, in the family of God). He qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance. (Colossians 1:12) What did you and I do to get this? Nothing, absolutely nothing, it was by His grace! His redemption plan is perfectly perfect, and completely complete!

How do you perfect a perfect work? If you could, would you buy the original Mona Lisa painting for multiplied millions, just so you could get your paint set out, and perfect (or finish) it. Your effort to perfect the masterpiece would surely devalue it, making priceless, worthless!

Yet this is what Christians try to do with God’s perfect and complete redemption. They think it needs finished, and they get their paint set out, full of different colored tubes of self-effort and self-righteous paints, and proceed to devalue His redemption in their lives. It’s finished! Leave it alone and rest in this priceless redemption!

There is really nothing left to do, except enter into His rest, and you feeling guilty will only agitate your rest, get you down, and disrupt your peace. When you know the debt was fully paid, then you can truly rest. When the accuser begins to accuse and condemn you, and you fall for it, your rest is disrupted, and you begin to look for ways through your efforts to fix things so that God will be happy with you. God is head over heels in love with you. You are the apple of His eye. If this happens to you, return to grace and receive the gift of righteousness (innocence) and continue to reign in life!

I have found in my own life, when I accept accusation and condemn myself, I begin to look for where “I missed it” and try to fix it. This involves me trying to go back and finish something that has already been finished. There is nothing you or I can do that will make God happier with us, and accept us, because we are already lovingly accepted and pleasing to God. All because of the finished work of Jesus. It’s priceless, there is nothing to fix, just enjoy it! Let God’s love persuade you of your innocence today.

The Righteousness Of God Part 2

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Good morning, you are God’s beloved, and He has prepared the abundant life for you!

This week is part 2 of our series The Righteousness of God. I was planning to post the Service videos under the “Videos” page of the website listed as “current video”. It appears that everyone has been more familiar with them being posted on the blog. For now I will continue to post them here, and archive the messages on the web page “Video” section. If you would like to view part 1, please go to the Video tab on the web page. Sorry for any confusion.

Here is Part 2, you will be encouraged! God bless!