Your True Identity Will Cause You To Soar!

You cannot do anything to be more holy or righteous than you are in Christ. You can grow in your understanding of your holiness and righteousness. Your lack of knowledge can cause you to live a defeated; self condemned life, (Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge); however, that won’t make you any less holy or righteous. In Him you are complete, and as a believer, you are forever in Him.

Learn and remind yourself of who you are, your new identity, because if you don’t, you will live a self condemned defeated life. Something God never intended for you.

I remember a song we use to sing, “holiness, holiness; that’s all I long for, holiness, is all I need…” What we have longed for, we have! What an amazing and extreme loving Father! Jesus paid for and finished our redemption and victory, so don’t keep putting it off until the “sweet by and by,” learn and receive your new identity in Him. Receive His abundance of grace and gift of righteousness, and reign in life today!

The eaglet that was raised with the chickens lived a defeated life, he always felt there was more to his life; he dreamt that he could fly; he even used to sing “flying, flying, is all I long for, flying is all I need…” He still fell short of his God-given potential, because he lacked knowledge of his true identity. Once he saw another eagle soaring high in the sky, he had a revelation of his true identity, and that very moment, he achieved his potential, simply by discovering who he really was. Who he was, was always the same, what changed him was his revelation of the truth about himself! And you shall know the truth (about yourself), and that truth will set you free.

I read a grace teaching blog the other day, where the author was concerned that believers who were learning grace might go overboard regarding grace, oh my maybe even become extreme, (I realized at this point it was too late for me, because I have already become radically extreme), and he thought these believers might “stop resisting sin; they might quit giving, and maybe not go to church,” the list went on and on and on. People are still worried that grace is not powerful enough to do it all, so they want to mix just a pinch of law (leaven) to bring about a little restraint, so that we don’t get too extreme. A little leaven, even a pinch, will leaven the whole lump! Grace teaches us! Grace is so much more amazing and powerful than many Christians think.

Once we wake up to our new identity, and we are wonderfully shocked and amazed at how much God loves us, and how good He is, we will never be the same. We will become extremely, extreme, and fly out of the chicken coup, to soar in the heavens, and it does feel oh so good!

You are holy. You are righteous, reign in life today!

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