The Good News And Its Impact On Our Rest!

The Holy Spirit bears witness with the truth, and the truth is the “gospel” and what Jesus has completed for us at the cross, apart from ANY of our own efforts. Thayer’s definition of “gospel” (good news) is; “The proclamation of the grace of God manifest and pledged in Christ.” Many people I have talked to after hearing the proclamation of this grace, tell me that they are so excited on the inside, jumping up and down with joy. They finally found what they are looking for! But then they tell me, that their head is screaming, “yes it sounds good, but that is not what I have been taught all my life!” The Holy Spirit bearing witness with the truth is the very reason that your inner man feels so excited and liberated. However, the old work’s righteousness thinking, “you must DO to get,” programming screams “that isn’t what I was taught.”

The Bible tells us there are many voices trying to get our attention. So how do we know which voice is correct? The voice screaming in your head tells you to go back to your old religious training, where you must earn your righteousness, and do the right things (like study more, pray more, go to church every time the door is open), to garner the favor of God. That happens to be the righteousness of the Pharisees, or works righteousness (See my article: Who Convinces You Of Your Righteousness?) The Holy Spirit bears witness with, and convinces you of the truth, and the truth is contained in the gospel. The truth is, by His grace you have been saved; He has made you righteous by faith, not works. The truth is; He became sick, so that you might be healed; He became poor, so that you might be rich!! Wow what a father! NO strings attached, no self-efforts on your part to earn, only believe that He finished it for you. That is the good news that gets you excited because the Holy Spirit is bearing witness to that truth!

Most of us want to hear good news, but sometimes, we fall back in the “rut” of life, and we begin to accept the lies (bad news) of the enemy, that we are worthless; no good, things never work out for us, somehow we have displeased God, or ” I’m not qualified because of something I did,” and the self-condemnation begins. Don’t accept it. The only opinion about you that matters, is Gods, and NO OTHER! And He says you are righteous (innocent), blameless, and highly favored by Him. His love is truly unconditional for you. He only sees good (a mirror image of himself) in you! Don’t get tired of hearing good news, this gospel is our life blood.

Hebrews 4:11 says to be diligent to enter His rest. Many Christians hear the good news at a time when they need it, and it pulls them up from their rut; as a result, they then see the need to grow in this new-found grace; however, they don’t become diligent to enter His wonderful rest, and end up in the same “rut” they were previously in. What a foolish thing it would be for us if we should now fail in a similar fashion to enter into the full consequences of our redemption (Heb 4:1 Mirror). Don’t let religion drag you back into that rut. I once was told that a rut was really a grave, it takes you no-where but down, and you can’t get out. Hebrews 4 tells us that they did not enter into His rest because of unbelief. They believed a lie about themselves (Numbers 13:33). They devalued themselves, and did not receive Gods opinion about them. We are told not to make that identicle mistake. Self condemnation is devaluing yourself, and it is the same mistake~unbelief.

So how do we avoid that “rut” that traps so many? How do we find that perpetual rest, and peace? Being “diligent” to enter His rest, is simple, that diligence is to give your ear in hearing what God says about you. To make some time so that you can hear the pure unmixed, undiluted grace of God. Maybe click on and listen to a message of God’s grace and love for you, or attend a service where you are taught the good news. You are simply programming yourself with good news, thus finding yourself basking in the warmth of His rest, not a worry in life, all is well. That is what it means to labor to enter His rest. God has richly blessed you with His best, so reign in life today.

We would love to have you join us Sunday’s 10:30 am at 18710 Highway 6, Sterling, CO and Monday evenings at 6:30 at the Country Steakout Restaurant, in Fort Morgan CO as we enter His rest together.

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