Do We Still Need To Offer Sacrifices And Offerings? Part 2

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In “Do We Still Need To Offer Sacrifices And Offerings” Part 2 Evan explains why some Christians still feel obligated to offer sacrifices and offerings, even after Jesus was our once-for-all sacrifice and offering. Sin-consciousness and self condemnation are really at the root of Christians continually seeking to offer a sacrifice or offering to God, attempting to appease their conscious, or attempting to, (at least in their mind,) appease God. The finished work of the cross is the ONLY solution. God’s love always draws us to the place of rest, (Hebrews 4) because it is finished in Christ. All the work, and offerings, and sacrifices were completed in Him. Jesus was the sacrifice to end ALL sacrifices. Rest in Him, and realize that His richest blessings are already yours, so you can reign in life!

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