Love Defined, With You In Mind!

Love’s plan was to set you free to be loved and to love, to experience the very nature and likeness of God Himself! When we understand this love, God’s grace makes sense because grace is all about giving us what we did not earn or merit. Love gives expecting nothing in return; love gives without obligation of reciprocation. However once you experience this love, you become captivated by such a powerful, unconditional love!

Oh how God loves you and wants His best for you. Believe what He says and thinks about you today, and soar to new heights!

He does not see you as a failure, He sees you as a success.

He did not see you as without value, but he saw you as “to die for”, which makes you priceless!

He doesn’t see you as broke, but He sees you loaded with all of His blessings, fully supplied in abundance to meet every need and yes even your desires.

He doesn’t see you as sick and broken down, but as vibrant and full of life, His life!

He doesn’t see you as a nobody, He sees you as somebody very special to Him with unlimited potential!

He was so excited about you that He threw a party when you invited Him to live in you!

For you see YOU are the object of His love, a love that has no conditions, a love that is so intense that He gave His very best just to be with you, a love that would stop at nothing to restore your innocence, make you righteous, never ever hold your sin or shortcomings against you! A love that completely destroyed and disarmed your enemy. Why did He do all this? For you, because He LOVES YOU!

He loves everything about you, your personality, your hair, your smile, your sense of humor, He goes to work with you, He has given you His grace, you are highly favored and have been greatly advantaged because of Him! Because of His love for you, you have an unfair advantage over the world, in all that you do!

The beauty of His love is that you don’t have to earn it, you don’t have to deserve it, you are always loved by Him, you are always highly favored by Him not because of anything you have done, but because of what He has done! You are completely innocent and you are His!

You know Him as Abba, Papa, your exceedingly loving Father! His love is without obligation, and is unconditional! You are His beloved, He will never let go of you nor loosen His grip on you! All He wants you to do is believe, so believe that Jesus paid the price to give this to you.

Knowing you are righteous and therefore, innocent, and holy, which is an unconditional gift to us as a result of God so loving the world; resulting in the finished work of the cross, is probably the most misunderstood, and under-taught. All because of His unconditional, no obligation love for us! Love, God’s love (agape) is the most powerful, force ever given to man. Nevertheless, the most perverted by religion, and misunderstood by Christians, and in turn many times incorrectly conveyed to the world. People want to be accepted the way they are, and when they find out that God has removed the obstacle of sin through Christ and by His grace set them free, they will come running to Him! The consequence of knowing and believing His love for us is true freedom! Everything we enjoy in this complete redemption, is in loves embrace! From our righteousness, to His super abundant grace, resulting in our reigning in life, is a result of His intense love for us. Even His rest, cannot be experienced without loves confirmation that you are innocent, completely and perpetually forgiven, and our debt forever paid, nothing stands between us and God! All sin has been paid through Jesus. Now you can rest because of knowing and believing His love for YOU!

Interesting thing about the love of God, it is God, for God IS love, and yet so many Christians feel that it is just basic, and that they already know this subject, let’s get into the deep stuff” they say. I can tell you that most people have never experienced this love; and were not correctly taught this love. Therefore, we could spend the rest of our lives teaching His love, (who He is). And what would we gain? We would be filled to the FULLNESS of God! When we grow in His love, we then experience His love; once we experience it, others then begin to experience it through us. So embrace the teaching of His love. When you discover Him (God IS love) then you will discover yourself! Anytime your told by someone “I know all about this ‘love’ or ‘grace’ stuff” just extend them grace, because they haven’t caught the revelation of His great love and that this is the gospel. It is our very foundation, because it is WHO God is, for God is love!! Receive His abundance of grace, and gift of righteousness, (brought to you by His love) and reign in life!!

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