Our Dreams Take Shape When We Realize Our Freedom In Christ!

God has no desire to manipulate, or control you, He doesn’t even want to change you. I know that’s a shocking statement, but keep reading; What God does want for you, is your discovery of your true redeemed identity, the real you, the image and likeness of God! Once you discover who you really are in Christ, then effortless change takes place in your life, your dream unfolds and becomes reality before your eyes. Our greatest dream is to be “somebody,” to be loved and accepted unconditionally, the way we are.

In order to be somebody, you have to have value. Well you are priceless to God! Your Father unconditionally loves and accepts you just as you are, and He thinks about you all the time! Some people might say “wow I didn’t know that!” Now see, there is the effortless change I’m taking about; once you discover what God thinks about you, and who you are, (your redeemed identity), everything begins to effortlessly change, our greatest dream is a reality. Now you can live the dream! Isn’t He amazing!!

Is this dream big enough for you? It is actually bigger than we could ask, or think, especially as we see it unfold in our lives. You see, when we see our “greatest” dream unfold before our eyes, there is such joy and excitement that many of our life’s dreams we had prior to this discovery, reshape. Why? Because we were living under a different obsolete system, which was “you are what you do,” or “He gave me the dream, now I have to work the plan, do MY part.” Some old desires fall by the wayside, such as the desire to ” be rich” for example. Why is that? Because your new understanding of your redeemed identity (in the new system of grace, entering His rest) reveals that “all that He has is already yours.” And “He has blessed you with every blessing pertaining to life and godliness.” Both of those statements cover everything. No plan to work, no steps to complete, just believe. Once you learn who ” you” really are, then be yourself, and do what you want to do. Crazy? Maybe to some, certainly not as we discover and understand this revelation of God’s love and grace. He made it easy for us to reign in life!

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