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What is God’s will?

If you see God thru the mythological veil of religion, then you will never know what His will is. He becomes like Zeus or Hades. One day He is pleased and the next He is ready to judge. He kills some and cures some. Just maybe the luck of the gods may fall on you and you will survive!

Sound silly?

Think about how we feel when something not good happens to us or even when something good happens to someone else. Zeus I tell ya. Now if you look at the design of a family, you see a different set of values. As a father, I want only good things for my children. I never want them to hurt, be sick or suffer any loss (for those who do, then there are places of confinement built just for them!) I would never take things away from them to teach them value or inflict them to build their character. That is several steps below the line of stupid. Yet people apply that every day to God and His connection to humanity.

God so loved the world….. and still does. He is not the author of sickness, poverty or death but the cure for it. It is His will that you prosper, be in health and live a long life, period. Now when we encounter life challenges, the pat answer comes immediately. ‘It must be His will’. When we encounter the fork in the road, the pat question arrives at the same speed. ‘What is your will Lord?’ Both this answer and question say the same thing; we don’t know. A house built on the sand is a life constructed on an infinitesimal number of micro decisions and an incomplete self value. However, a house built on a big rock is constructed on one thing. Point being this; the rock is the knowledge of how God really feels about you.

The next time you hear of ‘extravagant Grace or hyper Grace’ or anything that makes the gospel message look ‘too good to be true’, take the time to listen. The greatest moment in your life is not what you can do, but learning what He did for you!

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