How Do You Apply Faith To Sin?

How do you apply your faith to sin? Nearly all my life (as far back as I can remember), I had believed the doctrine of repentance as this. ‘Lord forgive me for my failure, cleanse me from my unrighteousness and give me power not to do it again. I commit to doing better before you’. Then gradually I would begin to feel accepted and would enjoy the Lord again thinking he was pleased with me.

Think about it. How different is this than offering a goat or lamb for sacrifice? Well minus the mess anyway.

Another religious myth. I have never gotten ‘better’ or acquired more ‘power’ to do right. Even when I gained a victory, very soon in time, I would suffer a defeat. You find yourself in a quandary because the outside looks polished but the inside is in trouble. Jesus told the Pharisees to ‘wash first the inside of the cup’. I had been scrubbing for decades and then I learned something that literally set me free.

How to apply your faith to sin. First of all, faith is not something you do. It’s something that has been done that you trust in. Upon the cross of Calvary Jesus paid for the entire world’s sin, not just yours. Before you sinned the first time. Before you were conceived. What does this mean? It means the bill is paid and no further payment is necessary. Believing is the only effort needed to possess it. Not weeping or gnashing of teeth. Not pledges or good deeds. Not hard work or self denial. Just believe.

Here is how it sounds to apply your faith to sin. ‘Jesus, thank you that you paid for every sin and set me free from it’s power over 2000 years ago. I will not be condemned or allow guilt to find a place in my heart. The power I have over it, is to ignore it. I am righteous and holy because it is a free gift to me’. When is this prayer effective? Before you sin, while you sin and after you sin. To be God conscious is to be aware always of what he is aware of. And what is God aware of always? His love for you, not your sin. To be sin conscious is to be aware of failure, wrong doing, evil blah blah blah. It is in an awareness of Him that we find the freedom to live a wonderful abundant life. Just think if Adam would have ran to God with his problem instead of hiding from Him.

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