Admit One

Admit one
Here is a thought for you. How much time do you think about your ticket when you are in the theater? Sure, the ticket is important and you keep it in your pocket, but don’t you get involved in what is going on around you when you’re in there? Do you see other people staring at their tickets oblivious to where they are at? Of course not. Who in their right mind would go just for that reason?

Ok, let’s use this as a bit of an analogy. The ticket is your forgiveness and the theater is the abundant life Jesus promised us. Unfortunately, religion would have you fixated on the ticket so that you miss the main event!

I would never discount what Jesus did for us concerning sin but there is so much more. If you find yourself in a continuous battle with sin (failing, asking for forgiveness, failing, asking……over and over) then you are missing the abundant life. You were not redeemed to be redeemed over and over.

Stop bringing sacrifices to the Lord when you mess up. Your sacrifices always require another one while His Sacrifice ends them all. As long as you feel the responsibility to ‘deal’ with something Jesus ‘dealt’ with, you’re just looking at the ticket. The relief that seems to come when you pray or do something for God because you sin is nothing like the joy of knowing you are already forgiven, for everything.

Enjoy the show.
PS refreshments will be served!

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