The All Encompassing Love Of God (Pt 12) exhortation and prayer

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Sometimes people find the Gospel too good to be true. It is too good and it is true, believe what God says about you, and enjoy the transformation. Self condemnation hinders christians and puts them back on the “performance to qualify” track more than anything, going from grace (His love for you,) back to the law (trying to earn through works righteousness) what Jesus has already done for you.

2 thoughts on “The All Encompassing Love Of God (Pt 12) exhortation and prayer”

  1. Where have you been all my life? This is such a good message.
    So glad a friend told me about you. I have just one question?
    Where did you get this??? Righteousness means to be:
    innocent, guiltless and faultless?
    This is such a freeing message. I thank you!!!

    1. Hi Donna, happy to hear you were blessed by the message, it truly is like a cool drink of water in a desert. The Thayer lexicon list righteousness at its root to mean innocent, guiltless and faultless. This of course makes much clearer sense when we understand God’s love for us, and at the cross JESUS became guilty so that we could have His innocence (righteousness). Jesus removed our sin and restored our righteousness (innocence). Forgiveness of sin (once for all) is the cornerstone of our salvation. God bless!

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