Updating The Mind

Many of us from time to time have received a message that says, “an update is now available for your phone.”

Like you, I push “learn more” to read what all this new update is designed to do. Generally, it fixes bugs from the last update, and may install apps we want, or don’t want, and also enhances security, etc.

You can choose to download it (receive) or do nothing.

I usually, Google to read the tech reviews about the recent updates, which brings me to this conclusion; God’s word is perfect, and I have to update my mind daily to the grace of God. I download (receive) it all through the day. I find in updating my mind to the grace of God; I receive more revelation of the love of God. His word fixes bugs (old way of thinking and the world’s philosophy from trying to creep in) and enhances security of what Christ has done for me. Let the security of His love update your thoughts, so that your thoughts become His thoughts, producing “bug” free transformation.


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