You ARE Blessed!

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You are blessed! Let’s start with who God says you are and not what you think about yourself! Today, let’s learn what God’s will really is, and how transformation takes place in our lives. Many people hear the good news, then go right back to their problems, fears and anxieties, only to find themselves back into the endless tail chasing. Most the people I meet after they have heard the good news of God’s unconditional love tell me, “that’s it, that’s the gospel”…because the Holy Spirit bears witness with the truth. They embrace the idea of such a gracious good God, but then they don’t embrace Him, because religious people tell them it’s not true, you must perform to please God; of course this makes sense because that’s what they were always taught. Listen in to the message and be free forever!!

What’s On Your Mind?

Whats on your mind Listen Download
What has your full attention? Whatever your mind is set upon, your meditating on. To hear is to perceive with the ear. To perceive is to be aware or conscious of something, come to realize, or understand. Understanding and meditation on the truth of this gospel, as opposed to your anxiety, will radically transform your life. Listen in to today’s message, with a hearing ear, and be transformed forever. Perceive the truth about yourself, experience the result of the finished work of our savior.