2 thoughts on “Christmas Bells (Song) Merry Christmas!”

  1. Oh how I miss this sweet voice and fellowship! It was a blessing to find this inspired song and performance, here today. My ongoing prayers and thoughts about this ministry, its pastors and the performer of this song…are as endearing as they have ever been. Bill Ruhl is a talented artist and this particular song has done more in recent years to bless me during the holidays, than most any other thing I can imagine. Camille and I look forward to being there at GWM again real soon. Thanks for sharing this vocal performance. How can a long lost brother get a copy of your album? I miss you dear brothers and can’t wait to hug your necks once again!

    In Him!


    1. Great to hear from you, I can send you a mp3 of this song, I’ll try emailing it. Look forward to seeing you guys as well and thank you for the refreshing note!

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