Types And Shadows

View Video Listen Download In this weeks video, Sue shares some interesting insights regarding the meaning of names, and how they pointed to Jesus, and our redemption. It is amazing how all through the Bible we see the type and shadows pointing to the finished work of the cross, and the redemption of mankind. This even becomes more apparent when we understand God’s unconditional love and grace.

Christmas Cookies!

Years ago, a Christmas cookie recipe was passed down to me. At that time, I had never made any. Tasted them yes, and they were the absolute best. I was like the cookie monster, more cookies, more cookies please!

Later, when I became a mom, I thought I would get the recipe out and make some. After digging through all my recipes, I found it. In large red letters it said, “This is it, Christmas cookies.”
I was so excited to get started. I wanted to see my children’s eyes light up, when they saw these cookies. I could hear them saying, “mommy there so pretty, mommy there so yummy!”

I quickly assembled my bowls, measuring cups, spoons, and mixer. Next the ingredients, and viola I had them all. With such excitement, I began to read off the recipe, and mix all the ingredients.

Suddenly all that excitement was gone. There was one ingredient I thought must have been put there by mistake. My mind was racing, what am I going to do now? I saw visions again of my little children saying mommy there pretty, but they taste yucky! Quickly, I got a hold of my mind, as my children were sitting with sad faces, in my head.

It was decision time for mommy. I can’t let my children down. “The recipe must not have meant this ingredient,” I thought. So off I was happy and cheering myself that I could fix this mistake. I finished the dough by substituting the ingredient. After the dough had time to chill, I got out my rolling pin and cookie cutters.

Next, the first batch of cookies was in the oven. Eight minutes later, they were done. I eagerly waited and when they were cooled off, I took a big bite. “Oh no! They do not taste right! In fact, their yucky! Well, it must be because there is no frosting on it,” I thought. I added frosting, and took another bite, and it still tasted yucky!

I could not figure out what I did wrong. I went over the recipe again. I looked and thought, I added this, and that ingredient. I then came to that mysterious ingredient that I was sure was put in the recipe by mistake. Could it be it was not a mistake? That it actually was supposed to be a part of the recipe, and that I did not need to substitute it for something else?

Pulling out the trash can, I dumped the cookies and the dough. Cleaning up the mess, I started over. Mixing all the ingredients, including the one I didn’t think belonged.

I waited anxiously for the dough to chill. Then it was time to roll the dough and use the cookie cutters again. I slid the cookie sheet in the oven. Eight minutes later it was almost time to take the taste test once again. Cautiously, I took a small bite. As I did the vision returned of my children, only this time dancing, in my head, saying; “mommy they’re so pretty, mommy there so yummy!”

That one ingredient, was no mistake. It was what made these cookies so tasty and wonderful. I discovered that day, that I did not need to substitute anything.

What do Christmas cookies have to do with the Gospel of Grace? I’m glad you asked that question. When you decide, or some well-meaning friend such as Job had, tells you that you need to ‘do something’ to make it right with God; then you make yourself the substitute; the sacrifice, and things do not go well. That is what Paul calls “another gospel.” Instead stick with the gospel of Grace, remember Jesus and what He has already done for you, and how much He loves you. You are innocent, guiltless, and faultless. You are intensely loved by God! Merry Christmas from all of us at Grace Without Measure Ministries. Now go, reign in life today as a king! ~Sue~

Breaking News Alert!

Everyday we hear “breaking news alerts.” I am not talking about the media, this time, but the Holy Spirit inside you. Here is today’s breaking news; the Holy Spirit reminds you how much God loves you. If you are only hearing the loud voice that condemns you, then do what I do, push the mute button on that voice. On your TV remote control, there is a mute button for a reason. The reason, so you don’t have to listen. Listen to the breaking good news, about what God thinks of you!

For far too long we have turned up the volume on the condemning voice, only to hear that we’re not pleasing to God. That we are not praying, studying, or going to church enough. Religion has told us more lies than we could ever think of. All in the name of the Holy Spirit. We have been told the Holy Spirit’s job is to convict the believer of sin. So all you hear is you’re “displeasing to God,” you’re “out of of fellowship,” you’re a “sinner,” and you’re “out of God’s will,” blah blah blah, the list goes on. These thoughts are not God’s thoughts for you.

The more we hear it, the worse we feel, so we have this idea, “ok I need to change my evil way baby.” “I am going to perform; I’m going to show God, I mean it.” Then a couple of days go by, and you’re reminded you haven’t prayed enough, studied up, given enough, and the chain reaction of the blahs comes back. Can anyone tell where the good news is in all of that? Where’s the peace in the storm your having? Years ago, I would have said, “God just tell me what to do, and I will do it.” Breaking news; For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

When I had a revelation of the gospel of grace, everything started to change for me. Now each day, Jesus and what He did for me, becomes a clearer picture, with a louder voice. A voice that says, God so loved me; He gave His only-begotten Son for me! The Father, Son and Holy Spirit loves me! The triune God lives in me! I can totally depend on Him. God is not the punisher; God is the justifier. Jesus has made me right with God at all times. Did you know that you have been made right with God at ALL times? Repeat “all times,” not just when you do something right. It’s all about Jesus, and He’s already done it all. He cried out on the cross, it is finished. What we need to do, is simply believe it is finished!

Look at the TV remote control, you could say the mute button is the silencer of condemnation. So when you start to hear that, push the mute button and mute the religious garbage, and turn up the volume of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will convince you that everything Jesus did for you is complete. You are now His beloved, totally accepted by God at all times. Not because of what you have done, but because of what Jesus did.

Google the lyrics of “Oh How He Loves You And Me,” if you don’t know the words. What a great song to remind you of His love for YOU. Now beloved of God, go reign in life today as a king. ~Sue~