Knowing Your Father’s Love, Will Produce Victory!

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Many Christians experience failures in their lives, however when you take a close look you will see that as Peter said, “we have forgotten that we were forgiven”… and John said “we lack understanding of how much God loves us,” these are two reasons for this, and self-condemnation quickly follows. Understanding our Father’s love towards us, will turn your failures into victories.

Are You Enjoying The Resurrection Life?

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The resurrection life. Do you know what it is? Can you live the resurrection life now? In this message, Evan teaches the simplicity of this life God intended for us, and how our lack of knowledge of what Christ has done for us, is the greatest destroyer. Watch this video, and gain understanding, and begin reigning in life today!

God’s Love And Your Worth Part 2

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To Fully understand God’s grace, you must understand God’s love, and your worth to Him. Without this understanding, fear and self condemnation will keep a person striving to please God through their self efforts, under the law, or worse, a mixture of law and grace. In this message you will learn more about God’s love for you, and your worth to Him, and why His grace is so simple.

What Determines Your Worth?

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Whenever we explore God’s Word, there are primarily two ways in which we study the Bible.

One way is through sin conscious mind, (law-based approach) looking for “what to do”, “steps to take”, and “formulas to follow for success”. The law based approach, is where the sin conscious person seeks to find their value and acceptance by what they do for God. By doing the right things attempting to be worthy (finding their worth) of His favor and acceptance. They try to become, what God has already made them in Christ! That is an impossible task.

John 5:39-40 MSG “You have your heads in your bibles constantly, because you think you’ll find eternal life (or the formula) there. But you miss the forest for the trees. These scriptures are all about me! And here I am, standing right before you, and you aren’t willing to receive from me the life you say you want.

The second way is through a righteousness conscious, (grace-based approach) looking at how much God loves you, how righteous and innocent you are in Christ. How loved you are, and what God has already done for you. Only believe, He has done it all for you at the cross.

How do you approach God’s Word?

In this teaching, you will learn what determines your worth, and how approaching the bible through a righteousness conscious, will cause you to truly Reign in life!

How Can You Know What God’s Will Is, And If Your In It?

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One of the most challenging things that many Believer’s face, is knowing what God’s will is for their life. For many this leads to a lifetime of “pursuit” of His perfect will for them, always fearing that they are not in it, or that they need to do more to please God in order to be in His perfect will for their life. In this video, Evan teaches that the pursuit is over, and why you don’t ever have to fear missing the will of God again. You can be set free once and for all by this liberating message!

What Are You Hearing?

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Any idea we have of God that is unlike Jesus, is not God! Evan teaches in this message that there is a way of hearing that will enrich you greatly and there is a way of hearing that will rob you. Hear the good news of the gospel of grace, and you will forever be changed, and enriched greatly, hear a mixture of grace and law, and you will be robbed. Eph 1:4, “He chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world…” You were found in Christ long before you were lost in Adam. Hear the good news (gospel) the only message that will enrich you greatly!

Peter’s Frequent Reminder To The Saints!

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Have you ever felt like you have been ignored or neglected? When this happens, our minds begin to work overtime trying to figure out what we have done wrong, and how to fix it. God will never ignore you or neglect you. In this message discover the importance of your innocence, and the importance of your being aware of this all the time. Peter felt it was vitally important to continually remind those he taught, to never forget this. You are righteous!

Understanding Communion; The Tithe Connection

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There is a connection between communion, (understanding communion) and the “Tithe”. Is Tithing under the Law? Yes! Did Jesus fulfill the tithe? Yes! Listen to this message and be blessed and liberated!

Communion for many Christians is a dreaded event, because they think they must clean themselves of all sin before they can partake. I Corinthians 11:30 states; “for this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many are dead.” For what Reason? What reason was Paul saying was causing weakness, sickness, and even premature death? He tells us the reason in verse 29, “not discerning the Lord’s body.”

Communion is about Jesus and what He has done for us, not about us dredging up our past mistakes and lamenting over them. In this message Evan teaches how discerning the Lord’s body, and understanding communion will forever transform the way you take communion, and you will see your life changed as a result. This message also deals with the tithe. Jesus is our tithe, and this message explains this truth.

Communion was given to us by God, to remind us of the success of the finished work of the cross, by His grace, and not our efforts. Understanding His finished work, and the grace of God will radically transform your life, and communion continually puts you in remembrance of this wonderful and perfect redemption plan! Jesus is the bread come down from heaven, the bread of life.

Join Evan on this journey, let the Bible interpret the Bible, learn new revelation, and enjoy communion.

2013, Be At Rest And He Will Make It Your Best!

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Happy New Year! With all the fear and anxiety around the world, we have been invited into God’s rest the place of peace, safety and abundance. Evan teaches in this video: 2013; Be at rest and He will make it your best. Understand the rest of God and why it is so important to you all the time, and more so in troubled times.