Living By The Faith OF The Son Of God

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Have the Faith of God! When Jesus said, “ALL things are possible for those who believe,” who knew He was giving us HIS faith! Well He did. Listen in and agree with what He says and believes about you, and design, and live the life of your dream! Now be blessed, exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond all that you can ask or think!

The Conditioned Mind~Part 1

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Where ever we are in life, we find our thinking can easily be conditioned by trauma, companies wanting to sell us something or to conform us to a set of rules. Learn to be free from the conditioned limits in your life. Begin to experience freedom today!

Breaking The “Boxed In” Illusion

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Have you ever felt boxed in, in your thinking and creativity. Many things have helped to box us in during our lives,and religion has helped. It really is an illusion, created by many things in our life. Jesus has opened the box, by opening our eyes to the truth, now we can really live! Don’t just accept things the way they seem to be, you really have more than you know. All Things Are Possible To Those Who Believe!