Forget Not ALL Of His Benefits!

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Forget not ALL of His benefits. Healing, Peace, Joy, Righteousness, Provision, Eternal Life… The answer is yes! Abraham did not consider his own body dead at 100, but he considered the promise instead…being “fully” convinced that what God had promised He was able to perform. Amazing! Abraham considered not his body dead, but considered the promise (all at the age of 100) and he went from 100 to 175 years. Wow! Considering the promise instead of the problem took him from 100 to 175. (Considering that most people are almost entirely focused on the body/problem) And we’re told by Jesus that ALL things are possible to those who believe! This Gospel is extreme, extremely good and extremely AMAZING, and we are just scratching the surface!

Creating Your Future

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Many people see their future as a continuation of their life as it is, they find it difficult to look forward to a new day, so they don’t want to get out of bed in the morning dreading more of the same. By changing what we believe, we can create the future that we want, and look forward to each and every day as we experience the changes we desire. Listen in to this message, you WILL be blessed!

Foreign Life!

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I previously taught “Foreign Love” and now we pick up from there on the topic of “Foreign Life!” His love is so amazing that John referred to it as foreign, foreign to man…to good to be true in essence. It is the same way with this Foreign life, we live as if an ambassador in a foreign country…again a life too good to be true! WOW amazing! And yet so foreign to many people.