Thinking Outside The Box…Expanding Our Thinking 1

Thinking box1This series addresses the importance of learning to “Think outside the box”. or in other words, grasping the amazing salvation plan, and the liberation/transformation of elevating our thinking to His. Listen in and let you thinking open new doors of possibilities, allowing you to live a limitless life.

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Creating Your Future

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Many people see their future as a continuation of their life as it is, they find it difficult to look forward to a new day, so they don’t want to get out of bed in the morning dreading more of the same. By changing what we believe, we can create the future that we want, and look forward to each and every day as we experience the changes we desire. Listen in to this message, you WILL be blessed!

The Conditioned Mind~Part 1

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Where ever we are in life, we find our thinking can easily be conditioned by trauma, companies wanting to sell us something or to conform us to a set of rules. Learn to be free from the conditioned limits in your life. Begin to experience freedom today!