God has destined you for favor and made you the recipient of both spiritual and natural blessings. We are children of divine inheritance. We do not "buy" the anointing. But as we believe by grace that we have already "obtained an inheritance" (Eph. 1), both spiritual and natural — we begin to explode with generosity out of our new creation hearts. He says we already have it all — and as we trust and give out of this revelation, we see it manifest more and more!

A grace giver always out-gives a law giver! We have never really given God anything — all that we have came from Him. So our giving is always a response — an exercise in trust, as we expect a continued multiplication. Paul is clear that financial sowing and reaping is a real, New Covenant principle. But we don't do it in a legalistic or transactional way. As our eyes of faith are opened to see we are already rich sons of the King — we start to give and live like it — giving beyond ourselves!

The principle of sowing was never intended to be a fearful, legal obligation. It was always a miraculous sacrament intended to work for us! Don't let religion fool you ... you are created to steward supernatural wealth. The scriptures always appeal to men's expectancy in the area of giving — always anticipating a return. As we live according to our new, glorious nature, we also reap the benefits. We participate in our inheritance as we sow into the Glory.

We believe alongside our partners for a greater and greater manifestation of the favor that is already yours in Jesus.

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